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Last December I was looking for an editor to work on my novel, “Undrawn”, which needed to be ready for publication by early February 2011.  I reached out to D. Michael Whelan and asked him to edit the 218-page literary novel.  I knew my book needed minimal editing (as far as grammar and spelling are concerned) and I was clear on the things I wanted him to look out for.  I was amazed at the results I got when he sent the manuscript back – right on schedule!

Michael’s work is far from the typical editing.  I’ve worked with many different editors for the past 15 years, and few have impressed me like he has.  Michael is very insightful and his input was priceless.  He went beyond the call of duty by not only editing the novel, but also making recommendations on layout, design and fonts. This is priceless guidance for those of us who don’t necessarily know about the publishing industry trends, and is clear proof of his thorough knowledge of what makes a manuscript readable.

Most importantly, Michael added an 8-page in-depth book critique that included character studies.  This is very unusual; editors generally proofread and point out errors and style defects that need to be corrected.  Unless you have a long-standing relationship with your editor, you rarely get encouragement and analyses.  But Michael didn’t treat me as a customer, he treated me as a collaborator.

Michael suggested three alterations in character and plot that made me rethink two major scenes and one character trait. After I made the changes he suggested, I was really amazed with the difference it made in “Undrawn”.  His comments and recommendations made my book jump, conservatively, from an 8 to a 10.  I submitted my novel to Amazon roughly 10 days after Michael reviewed my work.

My book has dozens of 5-star reader reviews on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads and Smashwords.  I also have two rave reviews from a major editorial and international newspaper.   I credit Michael with the quality of my work, therefore my good reviews are a reflection of his work as an editor. I’ve mentioned him in a couple of interviews, and I can only offer the highest recommendations for him as an editor, collaborator and person.

I’m working on other books now, and I’m fortunate to have him as my editor, still.

-Conchie Fernandez, author of Undrawn (Miami, FL)

“When I first contacted D. Michael Whelan to learn more about his editing services I was immediately impressed by his credentials and references as well as his friendly and professional demeanor.  He responded to my email very quickly and gave me an in-depth explanation of the services he could provide without pressuring me with a sales pitch.  After several emails I had a feeling that he would be the perfect person to edit my 70,000 word YA novel and I am happy to report that I was right.  He completed the task promptly and gave me an incredible amount of feedback.  He found inconsistencies and grammatical problems and gave insightful suggestions about my dialogue and character interactions.  He was also very encouraging and let me know what he liked about the book and left notes allowing me to see what a reader will be thinking when he or she reads my work.  He helped me understand how to go about getting my book published and how to market it as well.  He was always available via email to explain his critiques and even provided me with extra exercises to help develop my writing skills.  For a very reasonable fee he gave me the priceless gift of renewed motivation and faith in my work.  I am currently using his feedback to refine my book and I am researching publishing options.  I can honestly say that without his help I would never have had the confidence or knowledge see this project through.  D. Michael Whelan will be my first choice for any future editing needs and I whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone in need of professional writing and editing services.”

-Autumn Altieri (Latrobe, PA)

When I hired D. Michael Whelan as editor of my first novel I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Oh sure, all his professional references had glowing things to say about him, and the fees he quoted seemed reasonable and were within my budget. Writing is so subjective; I had no way of knowing if my story was absolute crap, or, with work, would be a publishable book that people would enjoy.

That’s why Michael is so valuable. On first reading he was able to determine my story’s potential. He sees any plot holes or inconsistencies immediately. He is able to identify his client’s strengths and weaknesses and helps his client to be his/her best. Michael’s work habits and professionalism are exemplary. I was always surprised at the quick turnaround times and his overall responsiveness. As a result of my relationship with Mr. Whelan, my book has had a very good response in the marketplace and is an independently produced book virtually free of the errors that, unfortunately, are giving many indie works a bad name.

Since my book came out Michael has been interested in my career and has offered advice, free of charge, on my current project, as well as marketing assistance. I consider D. Michael Whelan a valuable part of my writing team and I am proud to credit him as Editor of my novel.

-RW Bennett, author of Love.com (Denver, CO)

“I didn’t have a lot to work with, and D. Michael helped me take the little I had and make it into an effective resume for employers. Now I’m getting more call backs from potential employers than ever before!”

-Jurrell Parker (Omaha, NE)

“I want to thank you for all of your help on the last essay.  I got an A on the paper.”

-Mike M.  (New York, NY)

“I recently used D. Michael Whelan for help with my application for graduate school. Most people who offer graduate school application assistance charge anywhere from $150-$350 an hour, and provide the exact same services as Michael.  I spent weeks searching for the right person to help me with my application and I am very happy that I went with Michael.  He not only helped me with my resume and essays, but he also did a mock interview with me.  He has the experience and expertise to know what the admission council wanted in my resume and essays, and also what questions they ask in interviews.  He also gave me advice on how to develop my overall application and craft an image for myself.  He also had great communication, and even took some time out of his vacation to respond to my last minute editing needs.  The end result- I got into my top school.  My GMAT and GPA were not that high, so I know for a fact that my application and interview had a lot to [do] with my acceptance.”

-Chip R. (Seattle, WA)

“As a business professional, I thoroughly appreciated Michael’s turn around time in completing the editing/reorganization of my resume. His knowledge with regards to updated resume writing techniques is exceptional, as is his talent in putting it to work. I will be back out in the job market soon and will likely return for additional career related assistance from him in the near future!”

-Danica G. (St. Petersburg, FL)

“I really enjoyed working with D. Michael Whelan, who provided me with exceptional service and help to write my medical school personal statement. D. Whelan was enthusiastic to assist me and did a great job in making my personal statement stand out. I believe his expertise in writing can make any essay bold and memorable, which is important for professional school admissions. I am glad I turned to D. Michael’s services, he truly helped me to have a great and impressive statement.”

-Marina A. (Los Angeles, CA)

“I used D. Michael Whelan to edit my professional project for my masters program.  I was very pleased with his promptness and professionalism.   His edits and suggestions were extremely helpful and allowed me to pass and receive my masters degree.  He would respond to any questions I had within an hour, and I received my edited project within one day of sending it to
him.  I will definitely use him in the future for any editing needs I have.”

-Annie Brase (Las Vegas, NV)

Again, D. Michael Whelan does not edit any testimonials found on this site.

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