Professional Services

Whelan Writing Services is pleased to offer a variety of the premier professional services, catering to a variety of needs and specialties. From keyword rich website content to resumes, cover letters and other writing and editing services; find the right service for you below!

Website Content

I have extensive experience writing content for a variety of websites and companies.  When it comes to writing content I make sure that the content is optimized for search engines and conveys your desired result.  Feel free to let me know of any keywords you want me to work in as well.  The more information you can give me about what you want to convey or any examples you like the faster I will be able to WOW you.
When it comes to editing web content, it is treated as any other editing project as far as what services are included, but I keep website specific issues in mind such as search engine optimization, desired aesthetic and more.
For work on web content, please provide the total existing or desired word count, deadline, desired aesthetic or goal, any keywords you have in mind, and total volume (if it will be ongoing once you are satisfied with the initial project and how much/often).  Feel free to include examples of what you like and/or what you don’t.

Other Editing Services

I have a great deal of experience working with nearly any style or form of writing.  Every editing project that is not a book or website content is treated as an academic project in that regardless of length, editing consists of three parts:

  1. The first part is line edits that take care of grammatical, spelling or flow issues.  I use track changes so that you are able to see anything I edit and/or change.
  2. I also make comments in your margins regarding anything of note, positive or negative.  Many comments are reactions, potential reactions or other content comments/suggestions.
  3. Finally I provide you with a brief analysis/page of notes.  This analysis discusses areas of concern more in-depth as well as specific ways to make your piece stronger and/or other things to keep in mind.

For subject areas where it is relevant I also examine passive voice and eliminate it if it becomes problematic. With any editing project please include existing word count, page count, deadline, specific concerns and format/style if applicable.

Other Writing Services

I provide a variety of other writing services including marketing materials, speeches, various letters and more.  Please always include expected or desired word counts when emailing me about any writing service. I have written everything from dating profiles to political campaign, legal and other sensitive types of letters to various types of marketing material.
With any writing project please make sure to include as many details as possible.  Necessary details include, project goal, desired word count, deadline and any specific concerns or requests if applicable.  You can never send me too much information!

CVs, Resumes and Cover Letters

I have years of experience designing custom resumes to meet your needs.  Whether you need an existing resume edited and tweaked or a completely new design, let me help you land those interviews and get your foot in the door.  Resumes have two format choices; dynamic and clean-cut.
Cover letters are also done by themselves or in a discounted package with one of our resumes.  Each cover letter is custom made and items such as skills, accomplishments, etc. are used from an existing resume (either one you provide or we create).  Keywords are utilized and these one-page wonders are designed to reinforce your resume, but stand on their own to catch the attention of an HR professional. Cover letters can be tailored to a specific position, career field or fairly universal.
When requesting a new resume or new resume design, please provide how many pages you want your resume to be.  Also send your old/current resume if applicable, what kind of design you would like and any other special requests or concerns that you have.  If you do not have an old resume to go off of, please also include your career field or target and location.  Every resume gets one free revision that is good for 72 hours after you receive the finished copy!

“I didn’t have a lot to work with, and D. Michael helped me take the little I had and make it into an effective resume for employers. Now I’m getting more call backs from potential employers than ever before!”  Jurrell Parker (Omaha, NE)