There are two fundamental things about writing a book that I know to be true: It is so hard, but it is so worth it.

I have spent the last ten years “coaching” new and established authors helping them bring their book to life and improve their craft along the way.

I use a combination or developmental editing, workshopping, writing exercises, craft discussions, accountability schedules, assembling your “book bible” where you keep anything and everything to do with your story, character bios and charts, plot storyboarding, solutions to common struggles (hello there, show don’t tell) and pushing past writer’s block.

No two writers are the same, have the same needs or the same concerns. That is why no matter which coaching service you select, our first step will be to come up with a coaching plan together, specifically designed to meet your needs in ways that are most helpful to you.

I offer two coaching services: Book Coaching and Writing Coaching.

Book Coaching

Book coaching is a combination of editing your manuscript in installments and writing coaching. Book coaching can begin in a book’s conception stage or once it’s finished. Everyone has different needs, so the first step is hammering out a coaching plan tailored to you and your book.

If the book is finished, I will edit a selection/installment, and then we will go over its analysis and address what needs to happen in it and other future installments. Many writers choose to write-as-we-go so they can incorporate the previous installment’s feedback into the next. Others simply rewrite/revise the next section before sending it to me. Unlike my comprehensive or developmental book editing services in installments, coaching involves a more “hands-on” approach. Discussions between installments occur as needed, and topics can range from major concepts to specific conversations between characters.

Once your book is “ready” book coaching transforms into, “Let’s get this thing published!”

If you are self-publishing can help you with everything from Kindle-formatting, figuring what programs to enroll in, ideas and strategies to market your book, making sure your book is featured in all the right catalogs, and more.

If you are going the traditional route, I can help you write a killer query letter, a great book proposal as well as finding the right agent for you and strategically submitting to an agent of your choice until you hear a, “Yes.”

Your book is your baby, and I get that. (I’m a writer myself!) Book coaching is a step above editing and isn’t finished just because the book is ready to publish. It isn’t finished until you see your book in print. This service is a partnership to usher your book/baby into this world as the best version of itself it can be, and to make it sell!

Writing Coaching

Writing coaching is anything you want it to be. In our first session we will discuss your concerns, reasons for seeking coaching services, goals and aspirations including what you are working on now, or what you would like to be working on.

I specifically tailor each session to you and your needs and obviously as time passes, those needs can change as can the plan. Some writers work on a specific project or goal while others simply seek to improve their overall craft or are stuck with a nasty case of writer’s block. Coaching includes writing-in-progress edits, writing exercises/prompts, suggested readings, long talks, project/goal accountability, storyboarding, building a “book bible,” and more determined by an individual’s needs.

Let me assist you in improving your writing now and build craft skills you can always take with you.