Program Admissions

I have a great deal of experience working with students who are applying for a variety of programs including undergraduate programs, MBA programs, law school, medical school, nursing and dental programs, professional residencies and other graduate programs. Program admission services include writing services, editing services, application packet assistance, mock interviews and general guidance.

Perfect Your Admissions Essays

When I edit a personal statement, there are three components to my service: line edits, margin comments and an analysis of the statement. Editing covers grammar, spelling, voice, flow, organization, idea presentation and development, committee reactions and other content issues. For the line edits, I use Track Changes so you can see and control all the changes I make without needing to retype anything. I make comments in your margins as needed which cover initial reactions word choice, strong lines as well as problematic ones. Finally, I write a brief analysis of your statement and explain common issues corrected and how to enhance it further. If there are larger content suggestions or issues, I lay them out in the analysis, explain them and offer how to correct/resolve them. You can ask me any questions after you get my feedback regarding the statement or my suggestions. I’m happy to look at any sections or areas you had to rework after you get everything back. I don’t consider the project finished until you’re happy with it.

I also write personal statements. I understand that many prospective students are not confident in their writing and do not feel like that should prevent them from a decent education. When I write a personal statement, I need the information from you, the client. Typically, clients actually give me rough drafts as this is the easiest way to have all of the information that I need to answer the prompt given. Supporting documents like resumes are useful as well. Really, I just need all of your relevant personal, professional and academic information that you want to be presented to the admissions committee.

Assistance With Other Admissions Materials

I also provide a multitude of services for other application materials. I will edit or write letters of recommendation and revise or create resumes and CVs. For more information about assistance with your resume or CV, please see Resumes under Professional Services.

Finally, I conduct mock interviews upon request. This can be useful for students applying for competitive MBA and graduate programs that require a face-to-face interview, as well as important job interviews. I prepare all questions prior to the interview, but you will not receive a copy of them.

Mock interviews are supposed to challenge one’s ability to think on their feet. Questions cover several categories including academics, professional experience, career goals, personal background, leadership, and specific situational questions relevant to your particular interview.

In any of the above services, I put a particular emphasis on admissions committee viewpoints and how to stand out from all the other essays/application materials they go through. Below is a list of some of the schools my clients have been admitted to.

  • Harvard University
  • Yale University
  • Emerson College
  • Duke University
  • Creighton University
  • Dartmouth College
  • USC
  • Chicago Booth
  • UCLA
  • Berkeley
  • University of San Francisco
  • University of Pittsburgh and more!


If interested, please send me any relevant prompts, what you are applying for and any specific concerns you have. Also, let me know any necessary word counts and what service(s) you are specifically interested in. I look forward to helping you start your educational journey!